Where to Find Yard Equipment That Works For You

March 15th, 2021 by dayat Leave a reply »

I use a chain saw in the fall before winter because I have plenty of trees and like a wood burning fire. This saves on heating costs. When there is a storm trees and branches fall and having a chain saw is very handy. I had little experience with power equipment and did not know brands, operation, or much about these tools. In six years I have probably purchased almost ten each saws. trimmers, and five mowers. I have had two tractors. The more expensive items are something you should not buy without research and advice. Some tools are more cost-effective to rent. First you get what you pay for, usually. Buy a cheap product to do a lot of work and you will not get much done.

I am not going to endorse any brands but the well-known American made product is a good bet. Check the warranty, keep the manuals, and do not purchase anything without starting and running it before you leave the store. Keep your receipt and pay with a credit card.Used power tools are not worth your time. They are usually just used up. I tried a reconditioned item. The price was great but it was weak and the service providers were not close to where I lived so it was not worth the hassle. I would suggest using the equipment regularly before the warranty is expired. If it breaks you have options for repair or replacement.

I still have not found a reliable small engine repair shop. One had a bunch of young guys and an old man. The old man quit and the young guys did not know as much as I did. They returned the item still not working and charged me over $100.00. One shop has my riding mower now, since January. It is now almost June. Every time I go by the shop he gives me another song and dance. He repaired a chain saw under warranty and that must have taken two months. I get angry and have to stifle myself. I know if I handle this wrong it is going to cost me more. So I will just use my other mower and he will never see me again once I get my item. I can fix somethings myself now. After doing what I can with the m


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